Vitamin D Deficiency May Diminish Your Fertility

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By David Kreiner, MD and Briana Rudick, MD Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is present in a variety of forms but has recently been recognized as playing a critical role in reproduction.  It is essential in the production of sex hormones in the body.  It is thought that a deficiency of Vitamin D may lead among other …

At Reproductive Crossroads….

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Last week a patient presented to my office with a question that made me feel like I was responding to a Dear Abbey letter requesting help to make some crucial life decisions that were related to her reproductive health.  As I pondered her query that I had heard so many times before I wondered how terribly nerve racking it must …

Creating One Baby At A Time

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It was fifteen years ago that I sat listening to a lecture about the hazards of multiple pregnancy and how IVF had increased multiples so drastically in the preceding ten years. What a depressing thought. I loved helping women conceive. I was living my dream, practicing the infertility and IVF I had learned ten years earlier at the Jones Institute …