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I was at a meeting with one of the insurance companies when I was asked, “How do you educate patients regarding the risks of multiple pregnancy?” I realized that as much as I try to counsel patients and teach them that we had limited written materials and no audio visual. It was at that point that we decided to create our patient education program. First we hired an expert patient educator, Pamela Madsen, former founder and president of the American Fertility Association. With her assistance and with the help of my son Dan, we have produced a number of online tools for our patients:

We launched this blog, the fertililty doc, insights, information and musings on the world of fertility, infertility and reproductive medicine which covers everything from current news to new programs offered to informational videos and more.

We have developed a message board to assist patients in reaching out for answers to their questions. There is also a cycle buddy board that patients can utilitze to connect with and offer support to their fellow patients going through similar experiences.

The newest of our projects is an ongoing video series called Journey to the Crib: Fertility Talk with Pam and Dr. Dave which will consist of a new topic each week. We went with a casual format that actually takes place in the living room of my house.

Here are the first two episodes of Journey to the Crib, the first is an introduction to the series and the second one which is the topic for this week is High Order Multiple Births. I welcome you to visit our new educational sites as often as you wish. I hope they work to help educate you on fertility and increase your knowledge and awareness to help you in your own personal journeys. Please feel free to ask questions and to comment by clicking the comments button below.

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