How to Make Single Embryo Transfer a Reality

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It’s been so long since you first dreamed about having a baby. If you’re like many fertility patients, by now you’ve had a few thoughts that an adorable set of twins might be challenging — but a fun relief after all of your waiting!

The sobering truth: multiple pregnancies — even with ‘just’ twins — are sometimes dangerous to the health and well-being of both mother and babies.

I was on the cutting edge of IVF development in the 1980’s, a time when assisted reproductive technology was so new and inefficient, transferring six embryos in one IVF cycle was the norm.

Since then, thanks to dedicated research to fine-tune IVF, much has been learned about both clinical practice and laboratory technique. IVF is no longer experimental.

One of the most important recent developments — single embryo transfer, or SET — is being consistently backed up by study after study as the optimal IVF method for patients with a good prognosis.

The SET Program

The safest pregnancy with the greatest chances for an optimal outcome — a healthy baby — is a singleton pregnancy. In 2007, East Coast Fertility started leading the field of reproductive medicine by establishing our own SET Program.

Confidence in our high quality embryology laboratory and immensely successful embryo cryopreservation program has afforded ECF the ability to limit the number of embryos transferred, essentially eliminating the risk of triplets or more.

We understand that you’re anxious for fertility treatment to work. Besides your compelling desire to have a baby, you’re coping with worries about the costs — in time, money, and discomfort — of IVF.

So to encourage patients with good prognosis to utilize SET, we offer the following incentive:

For the cost of an IVF cycle, SET Program patients will receive free cryopreservation of their embryos, free storage and free frozen embryo transfers until you have your baby. This represents a savings of up to over $12,000. It also ensures a much better chance of a healthy baby.

Plus, some patients can take advantage of MicroIVF and save even more money and physical discomfort.

Is SET for you?

Each patient’s case is considered individually. Each factor impacting conception and pregnancy is taken into account, such as:
patient’s age
embryo quality
number of prior failed IVF cycles
use of frozen-thawed embryos

Single embryo transfer is appropriate in certain situations where the likelihood of a multiple pregnancy is high. This may include:
women younger than 35 years
women who conceived with first IVF cycle
women with concerns about multiple gestation
donor egg recipients

Single Embryo Transfer is revolutionizing the practice of reproductive medicine, and the team at East Coast Fertility is committed to their collective pledge to lead the way in creating safe, healthy pregnancies.

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