Fertility Treatment During This Economic Downturn

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Many patients are suffering even worse from their infertility woes because this terrible recession we are in makes it that much more traumatic to pay for the fertility treatments. Stress is augmented by the financial distress caused by trying to pay for treatment. Fortunately, at East Coast Fertility, we have several income based grant programs, IVF studies, shared risk, single embryo transfer discounts and financing available making IVF affordable for nearly everyone in need. New York state named East Coast Fertility again the  recipient of the DOH grants for those patients who qualify. Our own ECF grants and studies makes some subsidy available for everyone. In addition, a new Micro or Mini IVF program was initiated that normally provides the treatment for under $5000 but during the National Infertility Awareness Week celebration through the month of June, it is being offered at $3950.

Lets break it down for you.  We have the NYState DOH grant that for patients who qualify for this income based grant will pay between $2,000 and $12,000.  The amount of money provided by the state is limited so it is not available for patients who require high doses of medication.  It does include frozen embryo storage for 1 year and 1 frozen embryo transfer, ICSI and medications.

1- NY State DOH grant based on combined income includes 1 year of storage and 1 FET, meds and anesthesia is covered. Does not include Procedure room fee + assisted hatching = $1500.

2- ECF grant- $6950-$9950 based on combined income from <$100k- 200k, $6950 for $100k and lower, 1/2 price for all additional procedures, meds, anesthesia and procedure room fee not covered but PR fee 1/2 price ,$500.

3- Embryo freezing study- $3000 stipend, most meds covered, coculture and embryo glue included. Procedure room fee not included. If combined with ECF grant basic IVF cost is $6950. If pt selected for freeze all then cryo and storage for 1 yr and up to 3 FET free.

4- Egg freezing study- most meds covered, coculture and embryo glue and ICSI, procedure room fee and anesthesia included. Cryo and FET of frozen eggs included. Cost $8850.

5- Mini (Micro) IVF- minimal stimulation IVF $4900. Through the month of June $3900. This includes monitoring, retrieval, transfer and basic IVF lab and procedure room fee. Does not include meds, anesthesia ($550)- optional, ICSI or any other additonal IVF procedures other than basic.

If you have a question regarding these programs, please don’t hesitate to contact me at dkreiner@eastcoastfertility.com.

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  1. Hello,
    I am a 34 year old single Jewish woman never married living in NYC. I am looking to freeze my eggs for use when I meet my besheret and get married. However, I did some research and I found that the costs of testing, hormone medications, anesthesia, egg harvesting and freezing can be very expensive and my income is very low. I have looked into grants and it seems they fund people who are married or are ready to use there eggs immediatly for IVF and dont have programs for eggs to be frozen for future use. I’m afraid if I dont do this now I may be childless in the future- a thought that scares me. On your site it says you have an egg freezing grant study but that it still costs $8850. Which is alot of money for me as my income is under 10,000 anually and my oxford insurance doesnt cover any fertility at all. Can you help me?
    I thank you in advance for any help your organization can be for me,
    Deborah Rachel

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