East Coast Fertility Offers Groundbreaking Programs: Minimizing Costs With IVF Study and IVF Guarantee

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100guaranteeEast Coast Fertility, a full service medical practice offering fertility services and treatments to help patients achieve successful pregnancies, is now offering new programs to help couples limit the high costs of advanced fertility treatment yet maximize the success and health of their patients’ pregnancies. The newest of these programs is their IVF Guarantee Program.   This program will limit the amount of money couples could pay for their comprehensive IVF treatment and provide a guaranteed refund of 100% should the treatments fail in delivering a live baby.

The IVF Guarantee Program works by making it easier for patients to commit to a multi-cycle treatment package — which increases the likelihood of success. The East Coast Fertility Program is unique in offering up to six stimulation and retrieval cycles as well as unlimited frozen embryo transfers until a live baby is born for an upfront, fixed and discounted fee*.    If a live birth occurs then the fee is retained.  If treatment does not occur in a live birth, 100% of the fee is refunded, leaving couples with resources for other family building options.

To qualify for this program, patients must be self-pay patients and be considered appropriate candidates for IVF, as determined by East Coast Fertility.  Candidates will undergo a detailed review of their infertility and medical history.

The cost of this program varies depending on the woman’s age, history and exam. Other variables within this program, including those costs not included in the program, should be discussed with the Financial Counselor at East Coast Fertility.

Egg Freezing Study

East Coast Fertility provides sliding scale grants including the NYS DOH grant that are based on income.  In addition, East Coast Fertility is conducting a research study on egg freezing.  Patients participating in this study obtain free medication and get free ICSI, cryopreservation, embryo storage and frozen embryo transfers as well as co culture, assisted hatching and embryo glue.  Half the eggs are used in the study and half are treated in the usual IVF fashion.  The eggs in the study are frozen, thawed 1-2 hours later and inseminated.  These embryos are transferred in the stimulation cycle.  The embryos created in the usual IVF fashion are frozen for transfer in a subsequent cycle if pregnancy is not achieved.  Patients may return for frozen embryo transfers for free until a live baby or embryos are exhausted.  The IVF, ICSI, meds, cryo and frozen embryo transfers typically costs well over $20,000.  The cost to a patient accepted for the ECF grant for the entire study program is $6900.

Other innovative cost saving programs at ECF include the Single Embryo Transfer (SET) Program, where for the standard single cycle IVF fee; cryo, embryo storage and unlimited frozen embryo transfers are offered for free.  MicroIVF is a minimal stimulation IVF program offered for $3900 and may be combined with SET program.

According to Dr. David Kreiner, Medical Director of East Coast Fertility, “My wish is to assist all patients in need with creating that healthy family of their dreams without adding unnecessary risk.  These programs help them in their quest.”

East Coast Fertility also offers convenient, low interest rate financing for all the IVF Programs. To learn if you are a candidate for any of the discount IVF programs at East Coast Fertility, please call us at 516-939-2229 to make an appointment for a consultation.

(*Note: certain restrictions apply and should be discussed with the Financial Counselor at East Coast Fertility.  Anesthesia and medication costs are not included in the program).

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