Avoiding IVF Disasters: Are Your Embryos in Safe Hands?

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Practicing medicine for the past 30 years, I have developed an enormous respect for those things that happen to people that are beyond our control.  Sometimes, the issue of preventability is a gray one and defies definitive blame assignment.  Yet, when the dust settles there remain victims who are harmed for whom we are all sympathetic.  It is for this …

Embryo Rejection

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Dear Fertility Doc: Two months ago I had my first IVF cycle & it did not work. I was wondering what common reasons there are a body would reject the 2 embryos that seemed to look good on the 3rd day? A few years ago I had a healthy child that came naturally with out even trying. In the past …


Vitamin D Deficiency May Diminish Your Fertility

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By David Kreiner, MD and Briana Rudick, MD Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is present in a variety of forms but has recently been recognized as playing a critical role in reproduction.  It is essential in the production of sex hormones in the body.  It is thought that a deficiency of Vitamin D may lead among other …


What I Learned At The 2010 Annual Meeting of ASRM

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It has been two weeks since my return from this year’s national fertility meeting, the ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) which was held in Denver this year.  It is the time and place that breakthroughs in fertility care are announced, results of research studies are discussed, problems and issues of the day are hammered out. A few national trends …

Should You Disclose The Identity of An Egg Donor?

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It has been my experience as well as that of others in the field that many individuals conceived through gamete donation are curious about their donor and the donor’s other offspring. They may fantasize about their genetic parent and siblings. They are curious if they look like them and have similar behavioral traits. They want to know why their donor …

Is Disclosure To My Child About Her Donor Parentage Wise?

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I received this letter from a former donor egg recipient.  It made me think about what it might be like, years after the actual procedure for a child who grows up wondering about his/her donor parent. Dear Dr. Kreiner, I want to thank you and your wonderfully caring staff for all you did to help me have my daughter, Jessica.  …

Reflecting on The Nobel Prize Being Awarded to Dr. Robert Edwards, IVF Pioneer

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Dr. Robert Edwards, the IVF pioneer responsible for the first successful IVF in the world, was announced as the recipient of the 2010 Nobel Prize for physiology. Dr. Edwards’ successful development of IVF technology was originally received by the public media as more science fiction than science. As a first year medical student in 1977, interested in women’s health, I …

Stress and Infertility – The Link is There….

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The old fertility legend about a couple who had failed fertility treatments, adopts a baby and then all of a sudden gets pregnant is one we have all heard. In fact, as a practicing reproductive endocrinologist over the past 25 years, I have experienced this with some of my own patients. Those stories have led us to believe that it …